Dollz Mania Palace Doll Dollmakers & Dress up Games

The Dollmakers can still be used the old way Drag & Drop or you can use the double click feature. You can also adjust the build area to make it bigger or smaller with the buttons below the box. 

The doll makers are graphic intense.  Please be patient while they load.


Palace Dollmakers, Dressup Games and Decorating Games

Newest Palace Doll Dressup Game

 Shuni / Unique Dressup Game 11

 Shuni / Unique Dressup Game 10

Palace Doll Dressup Games

Old Menu

Mini/Punk/Goth/Silentz Doll Makers

Silentz Maker

Pirate Maker

Goth Maker

Goth Maker 2






Thugette Doll Maker

Thugette Maker

Fairy & Wonderkin Doll Makers

Unique Fairy/Angel Maker

Fairies 1

Fairies 2

Fairies 3


Preps, Uniques & Shuni  Dollmakers

   Palace Dressup Game 1-09

Shuni  Maker

Shuni  Punk Dressup

Unique/Shuni Maker 1

Shuni/Unique Maker 2

Shuni/Unique Maker 3

Punk Shuni/Unique Maker 4

Unique/Shuni Dress up 5

Unique/Shuni Dress up 6

Unique/Shuni Dress up 7

Unique/Shuni Dressup 8

Unique/Shuni Dressup 9

Unique  Maker

Unique Maker 2

Unique Maker 3

Unique Maker 4

Unique Maker 5

Unique Variety Maker

Unique/Prep Maker 2

Unique/Prep Maker 3

Unique/Prep Maker 4

Unique/Prep Maker 5

Unique/Prep Maker 6

Unique/Prep Maker 7

Unique/Prep Maker 8

Prep Maker

Fantasy/Mermaid Maker


Couples Doll Makers


Couples 1

Couples 2

Holiday Doll Makers

Holiday Dollmaker


House Doll Makers

Prep/Unique Doll House Maker 1

Prep/Unique Doll House Maker 2 

Prep/Unique Doll House Maker 3

Prep/Unique Doll House Maker 4

Doll House Maker  4

Dollmaker House 5

Small Doll Maker - Korean

  Candy Doll & Pet Dollmaker


More Dressup Games and Dollmakers

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The Dollmakers parts  are copyrighted to their respective owners.  Please see the links page for site credits. The Dollmakers above are the property of Dollz Mania . You may NOT take any base or prop to use on your own dollmakers or dress up games.