Dollmaker Instructions


Please read over the instructions CAREFULLY as this dollmaker is unique and may be different to what you're used to!

x. Click the links in the navigation to choose your dollmaker, and then select the page of props you require(head, body, accessories, etc).

x. To select a doll piece, click it and it will pop over to the creation zone.

x. Once your pieces are in the creation zone, you can drag them around to assemble your doll.

x. You can right-click on doll pieces in the creation zone and the trashcan to bring up a special list of options for them. Use these options to make your dollmaking a lot easier!

x. If you select the pieces in the wrong order, you can fix the layering order by right-clicking a doll piece and selecting either "Move Layer Up" or "Move Layer Down" You can also move a piece to the very top or bottom.

x. You may double-click a doll piece in the creation zone to quickly move it to the top layer. If you double-click a piece that is already on the top layer, it will be moved to the bottom layer instead.

x. You can use each doll piece as many times as you want just by clicking it in the selection zone. You can also save time by right-clicking a doll piece in the creation zone and selecting the "Copy" option.

x. Any piece you decide you don't want to use, drag down it to the trashcan and it will disappear. The trashcan may be dragged anywhere on the screen, for your convenience.

x. To clear all doll pieces from the creation zone, simply double-click the trashcan. You may also right-click it to bring up the list of trashcan options, such as deleting the top or bottom layer.

x. When you are finished, simply click the Save Image button to save your doll. Please by patient, as this may take 3-10 seconds per doll, depending on the number of pieces used.

x. For best results and to create your doll even faster, delete all unused pieces before creating your doll rather then leave them outside the creation zone.