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Dressup GamesDollz is one of the original dress up game and dollmaker sites for young girls and teens on the web. Here you can make and save dolls, create wallpaper or just play any of our thousands of drag and drop or flash  dressup games. We feature several high quality exclusive dollmakers  including many which can feature hundreds of items in one game. 

If you are interested in making custom blinkies or glitter make sure to check out our really cool Blinkie Makers and Glitter Makers

We also have a large collection of cartoon dolls, signature tags, glitter art, icons, blinkies which you may use for your blogs, websites, facebook pages or where ever you would like. We do ask that you always provide a link back to our site .

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Newest Dollmakers

Fun Summer Fashions Dressup -  Drag & Drop


Fun Summer Fashions Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Game of Thrones Style Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Aurora's Fantasy Dressup -  Flash

Medieval Warrior Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Pinterest Spring & Summer Fashions -  Drag & Drop

Monster High Style -  Drag & Drop


The Oscars Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Easter Day Dressup -  Drag & Drop

St. Patrick's Day Dressup Game - Flash

Gypsy Girl Dressup  - Flash

Fun Fashions Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

  Fun Fashions Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

Steampunk Style Dress up Games

Steampunk Style Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

My Little Pony Style Dreessup -  Drag & Drop

  Halloween Costume Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Gypsy Dressup -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Nicki Dressup 2 -  Drag & Drop

Celebrity Nicki Dressup -  Drag & Drop

  Mythical / Gargoyle Dressup -  Drag & Drop

  W.I.T.C.H. Style -  Drag & Drop

Make a Blinkie

  Celebrity Dressup Game 3 -  Drag & Drop

 ChaZie Easter Dressup

  Fairy  Dressup Game 3 -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie Winx Style Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

Mermaid Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

 ChaZie Idol Style -Flash Version

  ChaZie's the Idol Maker Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop


ChaZie Princess/Fairytale Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

Cherry Doll Dressup Game

Cherry Doll Dressup Game -  Drag & Drop

ChaZie's Closet Dressup Games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup Game 5 - Flash

ChaZies Closet 4 Dressup GameDollz mania dressup games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 4   Drag & Drop

 ChaZie's Closet Dressup 3   Drag & Drop

ChaZie's Closet DollmakerChaZie's Closet 2 Dressup GameDressup Games

ChaZie's Closet Dressup 2   Drag & Drop

Masquerade Ball Dressup  Drag & Drop

Dollz Mania Flash Dressup Games

TV Favorites Dressup 3 -Flash Version

TV Favorites Dressup One Tree Hill-Style  Drag & Drop

TV favorites Dressup 2 - Greek

TV Favorites Dressup 2 -Flash Version

 TV Favorites Dressup -GREEK-Style  Drag & Drop


TV Favorites -Flash Version

TV Favorites Dressup - Ugly Betty- Drag & Drop

TV Favorites Dressup - House / Grey's Anatomy Style - Drag & Drop

Doctor Dressup  - Flash Version


ChaZie's Fairytale Dressup  - Drag & Drop Version

 ChaZie's Fairytale Dressup  - Flash Version

Dollz Mania Show Girl Dressup

ChaZie's Show Girl Dressup  - Drag & Drop Version

ChaZie's Show Girl Dressup  -Flash Version

Beauty Shop2 Dressup Game

ChaZie's Beauty Salon 2 Dressup  - Drag & Drop Version


3 New Flash Games

Pink Ice Vintage Dressup - Flash Selina Dressup Game Selina Dressup Game 2


Pink Ice Dressup Game

 Pink Ice 1800's Dressup - Drag & Drop Version


 Celebrity  Dressup - Drag & Drop Version
Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, Riianna, & Katy Perry


Celebrity Sinnger Dressup - Drag & Drop Version
Eminem, Usher & Justin Bieber

Kentucky Derby Dressup - Drag & Drop Version


Royal Couple Dressup Game

  Royal Couple Dressup - Flash Version

 Royal Couple Dressup - Drag & Drop Version


 Shuni / Unique Dressup Game 11

St. Patricks Day Dressup Game

St. Patricks Day Dressup Game


 Shuni / Unique Dressup Game 10

More Palace Doll Dressup Games


ChaZie's Fashion Fun 3 - Flash Version

ChaZie's Fashion Fun 2  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


Fashion Fun Dressup Game

ChaZie's Fashion Fun 1  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


Valentine's Day Couple Dressup Game

Valentine's Day Couple Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


Big Hair Dressup GameBig Hair Dressup Game

ChaZie's Big Hair  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


ChaZie's Winter Fantasy  Dressup -  Flash  Version

ChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun DressupChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun DressupChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun Dressup

ChaZie's Winter Fantasy Fun  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version

Holiday Glitter Dolls

Holiday Dolls


Holiday  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


Glee Dressup GameGlee Dressup Game

Glee Style Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


Kardashian Style Dressup Game

Kardashian Style  Dressup -  Flash  Version

Dressup Kardashian Style -  Drag & Drop Version


ChaZie's Closet  Dressup -  Drag & Drop Version


 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Style Dressup - 
Drag & Drop Version

Halloween Costume Fun

 ChaZie's Halloween Dressup Game & Wallpaper Maker



ChaZie's Beauty Salon Dressup Game

 ChaZie's Beauty Salon  Flash  & Wallpaper Maker

 ChaZie's Beauty Salon  Drag & Drop Version

Twilight Eclipse Style Flash & Wallpaper Maker


Twilight Eclipse Dressup Game

Twilight Eclipse Style  Drag & Drop Dressup


Renaissance Princess Dressup

  Renaissance Princess Dressup Game

Lady Gaga Dressup 2

  Lady Gaga Dressup 2 Style Flash  & Wallpaper Maker


 Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana Flash & Wallpaper Dressup


Christina Aguilera & Fergie Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

Lady Gaga 2 Dressup Game

 Lady Gaga 2 Style  Drag & Drop Dressup


Demi Lavato Dressup Game

  Demi Lavato Style  Flash & Wallpaper Dressup

  Selena Gomez Style 2 Flash & Wallpaper Dressup

 Selena Gomez Style  Drag & Drop Dressup


  Selena Gomez Style Flash & Wallpaper Dressup


  Wizards of Waverly Style  Drag & Drop Dressup

Wizards of Waverly Style Dolls



  ChaZie Renaissance Princess 2  Drag & Drop Dressup


  ChaZie Flower Princess  Drag & Drop Dressup

  Forest Princess Flash  & Wallpaper Maker

  ChaZie Lady Gaga Style Flash  & Wallpaper Maker

Added 6-19-2010

  ChaZie Forest Princess  Drag & Drop Dressup


  ChaZie Winter Fairy Princess  Drag & Drop Dressup


Alice in Wonderland Dressup Game

  ChaZie Alice in Wonderland Drag & Drop Dressup

Alice in Wonderland Dolls

  ChaZie Mafia War Drag & Drop Dressup


   ChaZie & Pets Fantasy 4 Drag & Drop Dressup


  Chazie & Pets Fantasy 2 Dressup & Wallpaper Maker


  Chazie & Pets Fantasy Dressup & Wallpaper Maker


  Fashions Around the World Dressup & Wallpaper Maker

  Little Angel Dressup & Wallpaper Maker 1

  Little Angel Dressup  & Wallpaper Maker 2


  Valentine's Doll Day Dressup - Drag & Drop


  Be My Valentine Dressup Game


  Avatar Style Dressup - Drag & Drop

Avatar Dolls


  Stormy Gothic Dressup - Wallpaper Maker


  Vampire Diaries Style Dressup


ChaZie Snowfall Ball Dressup Game - Flash Version

Drag & Drop Style Dollmaker


   Christmas Bratz Style Dressup

Drag and Drop Style Dollmaker


ChaZie Holiday Dressup Game

  ChaZie Holiday Dressup

Drag & Drop Style Dollmaker

Holiday Dolls


  Gossip Girl Style Dressup 2


  Pink Ice Fantasy Dressup with Pets


  Gossip Girl Dolls

Gossip Girl Dressup Game Doll 2Gossip Girl Dressup Game Doll 3

  Gossip Girl Style Dressup Game


  Pink Ice Fantasy 4 Dressup Game

Pink Ice Dolls

  Pink Ice Fantasy 5 Drag & Drop Dressup Game


Pink Ice Fantasy 3 Dressup Game

 Pink Ice Fantasy Dollz


Twilight New Moon Dressup Game

New Moon Flash Version


ChaZie Halloween Dressup 2


Spritekins Sweet Treat Dressup


Katy Perry Style Dressup

Katy Perry Dolls


ChaZie Fashion Show


Spritekins Halloween Dressup

Flash Version


Pink Ice Fantasy 2 Dressup


Hip Hop Dressup

Flash Version


Harry Potter Dressup - Drag and Drop

Harry Potter Dolls

Flash Version



Degrassi Dress up Games


Bratz Style Dressup Game 2

Dollz Mania Blinkie Maker

The Blinkie Maker has been updated with new dolls

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